Stem Cell Treatments

Stem cells are building blocks of our bodies. They are found in cord blood, bone marrow, blood, fat and some other tissues.

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What is a stem cell?

Their greatest features are ability to transform into other tissues by changing and differentiating. Because of the developing technology and the discovery of a new healing effect of the stem cell every day; issues, such as storage and process of this precious tissues, are utmost important.
Today, stem cells are already being used in cancer patients, especially those who are recieving chemotherapy and radiotherapy. According to research, blood and immune systems are revitalized in these patients and even very successful treatment results are obtained in some genetic blood diseases.

At the point where we come today, we know very well that stem cells are future of medicine. As the Estetik International family, we decided to give you valuable service on stem cell treatments while studies on stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer disease, spinal cord injuries, heart and many genetic diseases and their treatment with stem cell are work in progress.
We pay particular attention to the delay of aging, anti-aging therapies, problems of hair loss and baldness, fat bank, FibroGel treatments, and storage of root cell and reusing it when needed.

What is stem cell treatments?

Stem cells are the most powerful weapons that can fight against many diseases today, stop the progress of diseases, treat against aging, and even provide a long and healthy life for humanity.

The superior performance and incredible capabilities of these cells can stabilize your immune system and metabolic state. It can also make your body resistant to pathological agents and diseases.

Stem cells are already part of the cell repair system. After they are enriched and enrichly given the body again in during the interventions; they improve both disease and general health. The stem cells have a unique capacity to find and repair the damaged region within the organism.

When the experience of the Estetik International Healthcare Group and unbelievable success rates of stem cell therapies are combined, the result is incredibly cheerful.
You can get much more efficient results by combining your enriched stem cell with different surgical procedures,
For example;
- They can be integrated into any surgical intervention in which the fat transfer is made.
- Bone marrow stem cells taken from the hip allows the fat content to remain much longer in the area, where they are transferred, by inducing vascularization
- O shot and P shot treatments can solve problems like impotence, orgasm and even urinary incontinence problems.
- When they used in hair transplantation, hair follicle stem cells increase the holding rate of transplanted hair and provide extra vitality.
- When taken from the back of the ear and amplified with PRP and combined with FibroGel plasma gel treatment, it allows you to make a highly beneficial treatment for your skin for acnes, scars, wrinkles and cellulites. ,
- It is possible that your dental stem cell can be taken, multiplied and kept as in other stem cells.

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FibroPlus – FibroGel Treatment

FibroPlus, also known as Autologous Fibroblast Cellular Therapy, is a very important cell therapy that reverses and stops aging, and revitalizes the skin. It uses patient’s own fibroblast cells; in fact it is a personalized combination of drugs made from the patient's own tissues. The wrinkles that occur with age are one of the issues that both men and women suffer most. Wrinkles are caused by the collapse of collagen and elastin over time and the gradual decrease in the number of these cells. This can be prevented by FibroPlus Therapy.

How to use FibroPlus and FibroGel?

Our specialists thoroughly review your current situation, your medical history and other information to get the best results. Then, they make a detailed, systematic and totally unique treatment plan for your needs.

A lentil-sized skin tissue is taken from the back of the ear, arm or crotch region under sterile conditions. You will not feel any pain as the application area has been numbed with an anesthetic cream. In addition, some blood is taken and PRP is prepared. In cells that cultured and replicated by this way, there is an increase in the number of stem cells, which directed towards both quality improvement and regeneration. Briefly, the effect increases much more.

The receiving tissue sample is sent to the laboratory along with fully equipped cold chain aseptic solutions and prepared for production.
After a month – 4 weeks, cells reach the desired density, the fibroblast cells are delivered to your doctor under sterile conditions and in a cold chain. The produced cells are injected into the area to be treated. Since 20 to 40 million fibroblast cells are injected into each session, treatment is carried out in three sessions. A total of 100 million fibro cells are injected into the patient's skin at the end of three session.

Where are FibroGel used?

• Fibroblasts cells transplanted into the required areas, where aging is observed, provide old look of skin and restore its firmness.
• Hair loss and baldness treatment
• Wrinkles treatment
• In facial rejuvenation procedures with mesotherapy application
• Excessive open pores and stains left after diseases such as chickenpox or acne
• Burns, traumatic skin or surgical scars
• Festering chronic sore treatment
• Facial wrinkles
FibroGel can be used safely for the above.

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