Simple Rhinoplasty

Simple rhinoplasty aesthetic is a non-surgical procedure also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty.Simple Rhinoplasty, the most effective non-surgical aesthetic procedure, reshapes the nose, which is at the central piece of the face, to align it with the general contour.

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Why Simple Rhinoplasty?

For many patients, rhinoplasty is one of the most feared aesthetic procedure and patients are reluctant due to possible traumas that may occur during the post-operative period.In addition, due to long recovery process, the exclusion of patient from social life and the concerns on the tampon and plaster used are among other reservations regarding Rhinoplasty.Many people who have problems with their nose or who do not like their nose due to aesthetic issues postpone the rhinoplasty due to the possible complications that we consider.For this reason, Simple Rhinoplasty is an application that provides maximum comfort without the use of tampons or plasters, which removes the possible problems mentioned above.

Who can have Simple Rhinoplasty?

In simple Rhinoplasty, it is aimed to lift the tip of the nose that has a ptosis due to age or since birth, which does not want a radical change.The arch of nose or the excessive skin is not touched, the tip of nose is lifted. If required, a little nailfile can be implemented.

Simple Rhinoplasty application

Simple Rhinoplasty which has a lot of advantages over classical Rhinoplasty, provides maximum comfort to the patient during the recovery process.No tampons, plaster or bandages are used in Simple Rhinoplasty.It is applied with local anesthesia and the operation is completed in 15-20 minutes on average.Front and profile pictures are requested from the patient before Simple Rihnoplasty.You can also do this by sending it via our website without visiting our clinics.Our specialist doctors make the necessary designs and prepare 3 different alternatives for your nose.

Simple Rhinoplasty, if desired, can be performed under local anesthesia or the patient may be conscious; but different anesthetic techniques can be considered if desired.Nose tip is lifted and if there is a slight arch problem, it can be rasped.Simple Rhinoplasty can also be done by combining different aesthetic applications without surgery such as Spider Web Aesthetics or Cihantimur fat Transfer. Because the face is a whole and each problematic area can be fixed by looking at the total face.Within 15-20 minutes, you can have the nose you have dreamed for years with a simple application.

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Post Simple Rhinoplasty application

Patient will start engaging with social life in a short period.In simple Rhinoplasty, effects such as pain, swelling and bruise are almost never witnessed or are observed at a minimum level.The benefits of Simple Rhinoplasty, which provide the patient a fairly comfortable recovery process, are most noticeable during the recovery process.

Advantages of Simple Rhinoplasty:

• It is an application with no tampons, plasters and scalpels.
• There is no laceration, and the application is at micro level
• It can be applied under local anesthesia
• The recovery process is extremely short
• Social life engagement continues immediately
• It is a simple application with no risks
• An alternative to those who are scared of classical Rhinoplasty
• The state of the patient after surgery is designed and shown in the digital environment
• Application is completed within 15-20 minutes
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This aesthetic surgical operation should be implemented by an aesthetic surgeon.

It is a nose operation without any pain or tampons, which ensures the maximum comfort.A patient who does not want radical changes on his nose may have this application where the slight arch can be rasped and the nose tip can be lifted

Anyone who wants to lift the tip of their nose, but is afraid of the classic Rhinoplasty operation, anyone who wants to engage in social life instantly, and anyone who does not want any radical changes.

Yes, thanks to digital simulation, we can show the ultimate result of the operation.Our patients can see how they will look after the operation, and thereby they confront with no surprises.

We make punctual entries without any lacerations and lift the tip of the nose.The structure with a slight arch can be rasped.It can be applied under local anesthesia, if requested.It lasts approximately 15-20 minutes on average.

It can be implemented in any season.It is not necessary to try to protect the nose as much as possible from the sun, like classic nose surgery.

You can travel immediately.Depending on the situation, 1 day of rest may be recommended.

You can return to work on the next day.

No, the most important and comfortable feature of our technique is that it does not use any tampons.

Yes, with a small intervention, the arch can be rasped

Protection of the nose against external factors and impacts for several days would be sufficient.

It all depends on your pain threshold, but 98 % of our patients say they do not feel any pain or ache.

It is applied under local anesthesia and form of anesthesia can be changed if required.