Lip Enlargement

In most of the patients prominent ear deformity can be corrected in a very simple and quick way. Thanks to incisionless otoplasty method developed by Cihantimur MD, there is no need for any surgical approach or general anesthesia.

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What is Lip Enlargement?

Lip enlargement is one of the aesthetic applications that contribute to the beauty of face. The plump, voluminous and fresh lips are at the top of the aesthetic elements that have been favored and attracted since ancient times. The four most important regions of the face - hair, eyes, skin and lips- should be attractive and harmonized to increase the charm of individual. The human being who is aware of this situation, tries to get the desired form on the lips, taking advantage of both cosmetic materials and aesthetic applications.

Who can have lip enlargement?

You may be born with thin lips or due to different reasons, your lips may have problems of symmetry or age-related collapse, slimness and wrinkles on the edges of the lips. You can have the desired form of lips with lip enlargement operations.

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Lip enlargement through fat transfer

Lip enlargement is done without the use of artificial filling materials, without introducing foreign substances into the body and therefore it has pros for body. For this reason, we use Cihantimur Fat Transfer technique in lip enlargement operations. In this technique, which is different from classical fat injections, the fat tissue from the patient's own body is injected into the lip area. As Cihantimur Fat Transfer fat cells are collected with closed lipocide system without any contact with air, existing fat cells remain alive and have a rich structure from root cell.When injected into the lip area, there will be no allergy or different complication problems in the area. The region immediately recognizes the live fat tissue, and the tissue continues to live because it is compatible with the body. At this point, it is possible to get livelier, more vibrant and more natural lips and the existing lines disappear

We can also apply lip enlargement by combining it with different non-surgical facial beautification techniques. Live stem cells collected with Cihantimur Fat Transfer technique for lip enlargement can also be used by injecting into the collapsed cheeks, around the eyes or by injecting between the medical threads used during the Spider Web Technique. Total facial rejuvenation is also performed in these procedures, which are planned according to the patients' preference.

Benefits of fat transfer in lip enlargement

When we look at the benefits of Cihantimur Fat Transfer used in lip enlargement operations, we see;
• More vibrant, livelier and fuller lips
• Rapid lip enlargement with practical application
• No risk of allergies and complications
• Instead of artificial full applications, the benefits of own fat cells
• Longer permanency
• Self renovating and refreshing lip structure

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Why"Estetik International”Health Group?

The physicians and staff are experts in the field of aesthetic surgery field, especially under the guidance and direction of renowned surgeon, Dr. Bülent Cihantimur,The professional health personnel and employees make up a comprehensive and knowledgeable team of 150 people skills in the aesthetic surgery field,

New, effective and useful procedures supported by the research and development work of the Estetik International team, Innovative, modern and inquisitive sub-structure, Latest technological devices used in surgery, Sensitive policies caring especially for the patient’s pleasure and confidence, Safe sterilized and modern campuses,

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Estetik International, which was founded with the utmost attention– the name itself even took one year to be decided on– in 1999, today experiences the pride of being a branded health group with superb results all while also serving internationally.


Lip enlargement is a procedure using various surgical and non-surgical techniques to improve the appearance of the upper and lower lips.The materials used to strengthen the lips may include temporary or semi-permanent fillings and fat transfer.Patients may request lip enlargement to get fuller, smoother lips or to remove the unwanted vertical lines and wrinkles around the lips.Lip enlargement can improve the appearance of anemic or excessively thin lips that can be caused by aging, which can cause a person to appear sad, angry, or old.

Individuals who want fuller, smoother lips can be good candidates for lip enlargement.Also, those who have anemic or thinned lips as a result of aging may wish to apply lip enlargement.Some patients require more volume along the red part of lip and a more distinct vermillion border (the combination of red lip and white lip).

There are many popular injectable fillers that are used for temporary lip enlargement.When placed superficially under the skin, it is a great option to add volume to the lips and surroundings because it is smooth and natural.When injected just below the lip and skin surface, simpler lines and wrinkles can be effectively removed.The mild and natural appearance seen with transient lip enlargement will last an average of six to nine months.

Fat transfer is an application involving the collection of regional fat from regions such as the abdomen or thigh and placing that inside the kip, and is another option for lip enlargement.Like temporary fillings, lip fat injections can provide increased volume and a smoother, feminine lip contour.In most cases, the strengthening of the lip with the fat may provide a lasting result.However, a range of fat injections may be required at intervals to achieve the desired enlargement level, as some transferred fats will inevitably be absorbed at varying degrees.

The type of anesthesia used for lip enlargement depends on certain techniques.Lip enlargement with dermal filling is performed with topical anesthesia.Fat transfer to the lip can be applied under general anesthesia.