Hair PRP

Hair PRP is one of the most effective methods that helps with hair loss. Platelets, also known as thrombocytes, in our blood have wound healing, restorative and renewing effects for our body. In the same way we know that hair PRP is beneficial for hair regrowth during and after Hair Transplant, and we take advantage of this effect of platelets through hair PRP.

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Benefits of Hair PRP

The PRP is also used frequently for treating hair loss, removing wrinkles in the skin, giving flexibility and radiance, treatment of persistent wounds, and burn treatment. Hair PRP is a an easy and reliable method which is very natural without any risk of allergy.
We consider hair PRP applications as reinforcement methods. If we consider the effort required by the Hair Transplant  procedure, it is scientifically proven that hair PRP increases the success rate of hair transplantation. We don’t use hair PRP only for hair transplantation patients; it is also effective for other patients who want to nurture their existing hair follicles or patients with hair loss complaints.

Hair Transplant and PRP

Hair PRP, applied after Hair Transplant, supports the donor site and transplantation site and increases the efficiency of the procedure with the nutrient agents and growth factor present in the solution. It feeds the hair follicles, supports the hairy scalp and new hair follicles to hold on to their new locations and their immediate nutrition through capillary vessels. VEGF hormone inside the PRP solution enables the formation of new and vital blood vessels around the hair follicles and therefore doubles that effect.

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Hair PRP application

In hair PRP, patient’s blood is collected before transplantation. Collected blood is centrifuged in laboratory, enriched in terms of thrombocytes and if required, necessary agents are added depending on the needs of the patient. If preferred, topical local anesthesia cream may be applied before the application. Prepared PRP solution is injected to hairy area by using very thin needles. In hair PRP, where personal protocols are used, application is performed weekly for 3 or 4 sessions. The procedure takes 30 to 45 minutes. There may be redness after procedure. This will go away in a few hours. You must protect your skin from sunlight, must not put on makeup and avoid contact in order to prevent irritation.


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PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and involves injection of blood cells into the scalp. PRP, which is considered as a solution for skin problems in addition to hair treatments, renews the cells with the tissue-repairing ingredients it has.

Aging, wrong nutrition, smoking and alcohol use and negative environmental conditions slow our metabolism and cells struggle to renew. All these factors lead to hair loss, reduced skin volume, spotting and cracks. Restorative PRP method aims to reach the tissue that cannot be fed through circulatory system due to slowed metabolism and to treat the region locally.

We achieve even more successful results in Hair Transplant  by utilizing popular methods of recent years such as PRP. We use PRP method especially to decrease the losses in dead follicles during the period between collection and transplantation of the strands, to increase the transplantation success of the planted hair and to accelerate the recovery. It is the best medical treatment method for hair loss.

Platelets play the greatest role in repair mechanisms of the organism. Platelets are activated in case of tissue damage and many tissue growth factors are released. Although these factors with protein structure have many responsibilities, their main objective is to repair tissues rapidly.

Your doctor collects your blood, processes it and injects the resulting Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) into the scalp by using very thin needles. All procedures are completed approximately in 30 minutes. Tissue growth starts again in the application site, damaged and weak hair follicles are repair and begins to produce new and strong hair. This is a procedure that provides highly satisfactory results for both women and men. After the Hair Transplant, it is especially recommended to receive maximum results from the grafts.

•    As patient’s own blood product is used, there won’t be any allergy or bloodborne infection risk and rejection syndrome.
•    Therefore, recovery period is very short.
•    It repairs and renews the tissues. New collagen production and new vascular development are enabled. Growth factors and reconfiguration of intracellular medium repairs the damages of the tissues and fresh tissues are formed.
•    It is a physiological antibiotic with the antibodies it contain.
•    It is rich in terms of hormones, vitamins and other nutritional ingredients.
•    Its application is easy and comfortable.