Unfortunately, face is the first place where we feel the effects of aging first. Face skin that cannot resist gravity and decreased volume of the face are first indicators of the onset of aging.

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What is facelift?

If you want to refresh and rejuvanate your face and even stop the time, facelift surgery might suitable. In facelift surgery, not only face area bout sagging face and neck skin and fat depositions below the chin are removed and whole face can be rejuvanated and refreshed.

Types of facelift aesthetic

Facelift operations, also known as rhytidectomy, are performed at Estetik International by using different methods and techniques. We receive very good feedbacks for traditional facelift and Spider Web aesthetic procedures we use in our clinic. Spider Web technique is applied with the latest technology.  Spider Web aesthetic, also known as thread facelift, is more effective than traditional facelift technique and has many advantages thanks to shorter recovery period. As your face will have a tighter and younger look after thread facelift, this procedure has become the most preferred method of the recent years.

In facelift operations, fat can be injected to necessary areas by using Cihantimur Fat Transfer system. Your doctor will decide which facelift technique is suitable for you and continue with the operation accordingly. You can get detailed information about Spider Web aesthetic and Cihantimur Fat Transfer from related pages of our website.
Surgical facelift operations are performed for people with significant sagging, deformation and wrinkles on their faces.

Who can have facelift?

      Sagging in the face
•      Wrinkle around the mouth
•      Decreased face fat tissue volume
•    Non-aesthetic double chin
•    Sagging chin skin
•    People who have self-confidence problems due to this deformation in the whole face area

As with all other aesthetic operations, facelift surgery must also be decided personally. A facelift operation decided under the pressure or desire of another person will make it very difficult for you to have healthy feedback. If you are making this decision on your own, if you don’t have any chronic or different disease and you are not a smoker, you can have facelift surgery.

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How facelift operation is performed?

When you come to Estetik International Health Group clinics, your aesthetic surgeon, who will perform the surgery, will examine you and your medical images are taken before the operation. You should share all your medical history, medication, drug allergies and all other information with your doctor during the examination. Our doctor will evaluate you with all information obtained. All details that should be done before the surgery will be shared with you after the examination. Interview and examination prior to the operation and the trust of the patient for their doctor are as important as the facelift procedure itself. That is why it is beneficial that the doctor and patient ask mutual questions to one another. Your doctor will answer your questions about facelift and addresses the methods to be used. Measures your face. At this stage, you can get information from your doctor about potential risks and complication.

Please rest the night before the facelift and plan for work and home for after the surgery. You may need help; although facelift is a simple operation as per our experience, if you need to stay in the hospital due to an adverse event, arrange a family member or a friend to accompany you at the hospital.

Facelift aesthetic starts with local or general anesthesia method determined for you. In facelift aesthetic, surgical incisions are performed along the hair line and behind the ear. Subcutaneous tissue is corrected by being stretched in your face and neck areas where sagging skins and wrinkles form. Stem cell-enriched fat, which is collected from another part of your body, can be transferred to necessary areas. And you have your natural look after facelift.

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After the Facelift Operation

When the facelift surgery is completed, there will be a loosely applied bandage on face and head. This bandaging is applied to minimize swelling and bruising. The drain under your bandage is placed to collect any possible excessive bleeding or exudate. It is crucial that you protect your face and not move your bandage. Once you are home, we advise you to leave the hospital with information about the procedures you need to follow. After the facelift surgery, recovery of the incisions, stabilization of reshaped lines and recovery of swelling will take a few weeks. Lifelong use of sunscreen lotions will help you to preserve your rejuvenated look by minimizing the damage caused by sunlight. In addition, a healthy lifestyle contributes to the long life of the results.

What does facelift aesthetic scar look like?

Generally in traditional facelift surgeries incisions are performed right inside the forehead hair line, extends to the ear and ends at lower scalp. Fat tissue, lower chin, face and neck areas are corrected, excess parts are removed and repositioned. Aged and sagging neck is reshaped with a incision below the chin. Ear circumference, eyelids and upper lip areas are reshaped through small incisions for repositioning. Utmost care is taken for aesthetic procedures to close the incisions; incisions are closed by being disguised in the hair line and natural ear line.


Why"Estetik International”Health Group?

The physicians and staff are experts in the field of aesthetic surgery field, especially under the guidance and direction of renowned surgeon, Dr. Bülent Cihantimur,The professional health personnel and employees make up a comprehensive and knowledgeable team of 150 people skills in the aesthetic surgery field,

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Facelift, also known as rhytidectomy or cerviofacial rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure designed to provide a younger and rested look by rejuvanating lower face and upper neck.It must noted that traditional or standard facelift gives a younger look only two thirds of the face and a “total facelift” involves eyebrow lift and blepharoplasty.Traditional or standard facelift is performed when face and neck are lower more than one third.Patients can have a younger look in their forehed and eyebrow positions, eyelids or mid-line surface of their faces through facelift procedure.

Healthy men and women who are uncomfortable with the sagging in their faces can be good candidates for facelift.People with unwanted sagging problem along the chin line or patients with deep smiling lines (nasolabial curves) can significantly benefit from total facelift.

General anesthesia is applied for facelift surgery.

Facelift surgery starts with carefully planned incisions placed along the lines of hair lines and ear lines.Deep tissue layer at the bottom of the skin that is attached to the face muscles are separated and stretched by lifting towards the front of the ear.In short, the skin is repositioned for a younger look in lower face region and along the neck line by lifting and stretching the skin.Permanent sutures are used to obtain long-results and stabilize the platysma layers in their new positions.

Typically it takes 2 to 4 hours for standard or lower facelift to be completed.

Incisions during facelift operation are generally very well disguised within the natural curves and circumference of the ear and extend towards the hair line behind the ear.For men, generally a slight incision towards the front of the ear is required since beard and hair lines are very important.

Incisions during facelift operation are generally very well disguised within the natural curves and circumference of the ear and extend towards the hair line behind the ear.In some cases an additional short incision disguised under the jaw may be performed.Facelift lines are very difficult to see after full recovery.

This process varies from patient to patient.The bandages are replaced within twenty-four to fourty-eight hours after the surgery and checked to ensure that there is no unwanted bleeding.Patients are checked again five or six days after the surgery; during this period, sutures are removed and a lighter and removable bandages are placed.Patients are instructed on wound care.
Swelling and bruisings can be observed for seven to ten days after the surgery.Most of the patients can back to their works seven to ten days after the surgery.Makeup can be put on to help disguise bruises during this period.Scars will turn from red to pink a few weeks after surgery, they start to fade over time and become completely indistinct within six months.


Patients can get back to work generally seven to ten days after facelift procedure or when they think they are not bothered by the bandages.

This varies from patient to patient, however, sutures will be removed within five to six days following the procedure.