Eyebrow Lift

For the patients who has sagging in the neck area due to gravity and aging process, neck lifting can be beneficial. In the neck lift operation we remove the excess skin and fat tissue in the neck area.

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What is eyebrow transplantation?

The eyebrows, which play a very active role in the face beauty by emphasizing the eyes can be put into different shapes as a result of periodic eyebrow fashion. The trends of fashion over time, however, bring together the sulky eyebrow problem. Placing a line on the eyebrow, lining it as thin as a thread, and the damage caused on hair roots cause the filling by eyebrow pen or alternative eyebrow tattoo.

Applying eyebrow transplantation

Eyebrow transplantation is the process of transferring the hair roots taken from the current healthy donor region to the eyebrow region. On average, the eyebrows, which start to appear after 3 months of the transfer, become most fertile after 7-8 months.It is possible that you can reshape your eyebrows 7 months after the eyebrow transplantation. Once you have chosen the most suitable eyebrow type by the professional who gives a careful and eyebrow-shaping style, we recommend you to implement the eyebrow operation.

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Advantages of eyebrow transplantation

With the eyebrow transplantation process, you will finally stop filling in the diluted eyebrows every morning, thicken the eyebrows; and you can get rid of the unnatural visualization of eyebrows or eyebrow tattoos. Eyebrow transplantation can be repeated if required. In this direction, you can make sure that your eyebrows that have been differentiated due to occasional scrutiny or fashion make eyebrows and give form again.

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Why eyebrow transplantation?

It might also be a possibility that there might be a hair problem in a certain area of the eyebrows or entirely, not as a result of fashion.Accordingly, the procedure of eyebrow transplantation using the procedures used in the hair transplantation technique provides the practical and the most natural solution for the problem.

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In times when thin eyebrows were widespread, the eyebrows that we often take do not appear anymore.It is very easy to have our old thick eyebrows again.Nowadays, with the return of thick eyebrow fashion, it is possible to get them in 1-2 hours.

It is carried out by transferring the hair roots taken from neck to the eyebrows.It is a painless application using local anesthesia and FUE technique and it lasts 1-2 hours.Eyebrow transplantation planning, obtaining of roots which are suitable for eyebrows, and transfer of the eyebrows in appropriate directions and angles is an operation that requires considerable experience.

No, it is applied with anesthetic ointment.

 We can list the eyebrow transplantations most women apply in 3 groups; 1-In recent years, with the return of thick eyebrow fashion many women apply with sulky eyebrows.2-Women who take their eyebrows intensively in order to give their eyebrows the shape they want and make them with a pencil or make tatuage. 3-Women who lose their eyebrows due to trauma or burn.

 After transplantation, it takes an average of 3 months to grow.After 7-8 months, the requested result is achieved.

If the eyebrows are taken continuously, they may be sulky again and new eyebrow transplantation can be made.Thickened eyebrows can be thinned and shaped to suit the fashion.