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Dr. Gina Moret

Dr. Gina Moret	Dr. Gina Moret
  • Skin Treatment
  • Medical Aesthetic Applications


Personal Information 

Date of birth 01/10/1982 
Place of birth Teofilo Otoni, Brazil 
Marital status Married 


Estetik İnternational , Doctor B clinic nov 2016 - current work                                

Acibadem Maslak   plastic surgery assistant

Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia 

march, 2009 - feb, 2010 
Occupational health physician 
Semeg Saude 
aug, 2008 - feb, 2009 
Primary care physician and General physician 
Centro de Queimados do Andarai aug, 2006 – feb, 2007 
Primary care physician on the burn unit emergency service 
Hospital da Plastica         intern physician                                                 march, 2007 – may, 2007 


Centro Educacional Serra dos Orgaos - UNIFESO                                 
graduation - jun 2008 
Medical degree ( YÖK equivalency 02/06/2015) 
Colegio Ph 
graduation - dec, 2000 
High school (MEB equivalency 07/02/2012) 



Medikal Estetik                                                                                                         jun - 2015 
Botox, Dermal dolgu, PRP, Mezoterapi, Skleroterapi  
Derma roller teorik ve pratik uygulama                                                                    jun – 2015 
Active HIPL teorik ve pratik uygulama                                                                     jun - 2015 
Elektro kozmetik cihazları teorik ve pratik uygulama                                               jun - 2015 
Cilt bakımı teorik ve pratik uygulama                                                                       jun - 2015 
Medikal Estetik Derneğ i, katılım belgesi, Yüz mühendisliğ ine PDO ile yaklaş ım     jun – 2015 
Allergan Medichal aesthetics academy, facial aesthetics programme                        may - 2010 
Acibadem, kalıtım belgesi, Meme Estetiğ inde güncel yaklaş ımlar                           nov – 2010 
Auricular acupuncture                                                                                                 may - 2009 
Lancashire Ambulance service - Trauma                                                                    jul - 2006 
Lancashire Ambulance service- clinical emergencies                                                 jul - 2006 
MD codes Unlocking the codes of advanced clinical cases                                        jun- 2017
AMİ Essencials Applied Anatomy Workshop (caadaver course).                               may - 2018


Turkish fluent 
English fluent 
Portuguese fluent (mother language)
Spanish work sufficiency 
Italian communication sufficiency 

Dr. Gülden Gürel
Dr. Feyman Duygu Oktar
Dr. Gina Moret
Melis Torluoğlu
Prof. Dr. Cenk ŞenKnown for his scientific work in re-constructive surgery, Estetik International surgeon Prof. Cenk Şen excels in the special field of revision rhinoplasty to a degree that played a great role in gaining his recognition. Prof. Şen is also a pioneer in lipodem,oral and neck surgery.
DENTISTBora Murat MDA graduate of Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry, Dt. Bora Murat has also received an education at The German Implant Association located in Berlin. Dt. Bora Murat specializes in Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology.
DENTISTSinem Karakaş MDA graduate of Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry , Dt. Sinem Karakaş is an expert in Cosmetic & Prothesis Dental treatments alongside computer supported dentistry.
PLASTIC, RECONSTRUCTIVE AND AESTHETICS SURGEONBülent Cihantimur MDA graduate of Istanbul University Çapa Faculty of Medicine, Bülent Cihantimur, MD specialized in Plastic Surgery at Uludağ University. Through years of hard work and dedication, his techniques and skills earned him many awards in the past 20 years such as; The Golden Bistoury Award, The World’s Best Plastic Surgeon and Medical Man of the Year Award in 2014. Cihantimur continues his role as head physician and CEO of Estetik International Health Group.
ANESTHESIOLOGISTAli Ekber Yürekli MDAfter graduating from Ondokuz Mayıs University Medical Faculty, Anesthesiologist Dr. Ali Ekber Yürekli completed his specialty training at Uludağ University, Department of Anesthesia and Reanimation.
PLASTIK VE REKONSTÜRKTIF CERRAHI UZMANIMedine Kantürk MDAfter completing first and middle school in Moscow, Russia, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Medine Kantürk completed her medical education and specialty training at Uludağ University Faculty of Medicine.
PLASTIC, RECONSTRUCTIVE AND AESTHETICS SURGEONSelçuk Aytaç MDA graduate of Ankara University Medical Faculty, Board-certified surgeon Dr. Selçuk Aytaç completed his plastic surgery training at Uludağ University medical faculty.
PLASTIC, RECONSTRUCTIVE AND AESTHETICS SURGEONRıza Kantürk MDA Graduate of Uludağ University, Medical Faculty, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rıza Kantürk specializes in Breast Reconstruction, Facial Rejuvenation and Rhinoplasty surgeries.
MEDICAL DOCTORÇağatay Güngörsün MDA graduate of Ataturk University Medical Faculty, Dr. Çağatay Güngörsün specializes in medical aesthetic applications such as fillers, botox and non-surgical aesthetic procedures.