Breast Lifting

Breast lift operations are surgical interventions that provide solutions for sagging breasts. Sagging breast mostly occurs due to deformation resulting from breastfeeding, gravity effect in time or frequent weight gain and loss cycle. In addition, sagging may occur in underdeveloped breasts at early ages.

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As sagging breasts prevent women from wearing as they please, they harm their self confidence.
Deformation in breasts, which are indispensible for an aesthetic decollette area, occurs not only in sagging breasts but also in enlarged areola region due to hormonal fluctuations. Sagging breasts also cause irritation of subcutaneous skin structure, as well as skin problems due to rubbing. It is suggested that breast augmentation operations should be considered after breastfeeding, in order to avoid loss of form again.

Also, it is often preferred to perform the lift operations in combination with a breast augmentation because the skin overlying the volumetrically problematic breast tissue creates a saggy appearance. In fact, there has been a reduction in breast tissue and the skin has not adapted to this new small volume. It is possible to remove the excess skin by breast lift operation. Only breast aesthetics can not give volume to breasts. In such cases, breast aesthetics will not suffice, so other aesthetic applications can also be used to benefit a beautiful look. In order to increase the volume of the breast, it is necessary to perform a fat injection or a silicone implant, i.e. a breast augmentation aesthetic.

Who can undergo breast lift operation?

 •    Women who have problems with their breast after breastfeeding
 •    Breasts with underdevelopment history
 •    Women with sagging breasts due to frequent weight gain and loss
 •   Women with sagging breasts due to age and gravity
 •     Enlargement with areola area
 •    Women with self-confidence problems due to sagging breasts
 •    Women who cannot wear the clothes they want because of sagging breasts

Those who plan to have a breast lift aesthetic often have one or more of the profiles we have listed above. With modern and innovative techniques that we use in our Estetik International clinics, we provide extremely comfortable healing processes for breast aesthetic candidates, enabling them to achieve a desired breast image.

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How breast lift operation is performed?

Breast lift is often performed simultaneously with breast augmentation or breast reduction operations. During the preliminary examination, it is clarified whether to use implant, fat injection or just breast lift according to the expectations of the patients operation. The condition of the breast tissue and the excess of the skin are examined and the operation is planned. The operation of breast augmentation under general anesthesia begins primarily with reduction of the areola area. The incision is made using the vertical scarless central pedicle technique. Then the skin and the underlying breast tissue are handled separately. Considering the possibility of breastfeeding in the future, the breast tissue is adjusted and straightened, the form is restored. Breast skin is closed as loose or tight depending on the new inner structure.

The thing to consider here is that breast lift operation will not change the breast size. It will only restore the original form of the breasts and lift them, then the procedure is completed. If the breasts over or under-sized, desired sizes can be achieved within the same operation. Breast augmentation, breast reduction or fat transfer to breast may be included to achieve this.

How much scar is left in breast lift operations?

In Estetik International, we prefer the most natural methods that will leave the least amount of scars for the patients for breast lift operations. Therefore, in breast lift operations that must be done with an aesthetic perspective, we use scar-free vertical central pedicle technique. This technique is a highly innovative method that gives the most reasonable and suitable form and leaves minimum scar. With this technique, procedure can be carried out by separately handling the breast tissue and breast skin and we conclude the operation without putting a potential load to the skin structure. This technique, which also considers health conditions in addition to an aesthetic look, we enable the whole structure to be fed by blood circulation and provide advantages like maintaining the sensation of aerola.  Moreover, vertical scar-free central pedicle technique allows our patients to experience less pain and go back to their homes on the day of the operation without staying in the hospital.

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Essential of breast lift operation

Breast lift operations must be planned in accordance with the shape of the breast, elasticity level of the skin, skin quality and current excess skin after examining the existing sagging degree of the patient. The incision performed on the breast is planned in accordance with this and the breast is reshaped by forming and lifting the breast tissue. Excess skin is removed from the area and sutured. Sutures are performed according to the new form of the breast and all incisions are closed by using minimal sutures or a skin adhesive.

After the breast lift operation

Breast lift operations are among operations where we receive very good feedback thanks to our innovative techniques. Our patients can return home on the operation day without staying in the hospital and they can get back to their daily life and jobs within at most 1 week with minimal scar, minimal pain and fast recovery period.

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Breast lift operations are surgical procedures and also known as mastopexy.

Breast lift operations are surgical procedures and also known as mastopexy. Sagging breasts occur as a result of pregnancy, aging, breastfeeding, weight changes and gravity, and sagging is due to skin and subcutaneous tissue that lost their elasticity.

This deformation of the breasts not only cause sagging but also damages the desired upright breast form. At the end of all these processes, areola, the area surrounding the nipple, may enlarge. In breast lift operation, sagging breasts are revised and areola area can be reduced.

Breast lift does not change the breast size; reforms the current breasts, removes sagging and lifts the breasts.

 Yes, if larger breasts are wanted breast augmentation can be performed.

Yes, if smaller breasts are wanted breast reduction can be performed.

As with other breast operations, the most important thing to take care in breast lift surgeries is scar issue. Breast operations must be performed with an aesthetic perspective; therefore breast lift surgeries are performed by using the incision-free and vertical scarless central pedicle technique that gives the best form to the breast oval.  Our reason to prefer this technique is minimal pain after the breast lift surgery and that it allows the patients to go home without staying in the hospital after the procedure.

Breast lift surgeries under general anesthesia starts with the removal of the excess skin in the breast area and breast areola is reshaped if necessary. Size, shape, degree of sagging of the breast, quality, elasticity of the skin and extra skin amount must be considered in breast lift operations. Incisions performed in accordance with all these aspects, reforms and lifts the underlying breast tissue. Sutures are placed after excess skin is removed and the breast is reformed. Sutures are performed according to the new form of the breast and all incisions are closed by using a skin adhesive.

Breast lift surgery takes about 1 to 3 hours and patients do not usually stay in the hospital but if necessary patients may stay one night.