Genital Beautification Or Labiaplasty?

There is no need for confusion over the concept. Just like there is no need for you to know about anatomy or medical terms in Latin.


Plastic Surgery Model experienced

SHARE: Plastic Surgery Model experienced "Barbie vagina” in Istanbul The Real Barbie, Pixee Fox, comes back again to Istanbul to meet the Aesthetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Bülent Cihantimur the founder of Genital Beautification technique Pixee Fox, the winner of inventive plastic surgery of the year 2016 in Las Vegas at the Aesthetic Show,


2012 Best Model Of Turkey

SHARE: 2012 Best Model Of Turkey Estetik International Health Group’s founder and chairman of the board Bülent Cihantimur MD, was a member of the jury in the Best Model Of Turkey contest held for the 25th time this year. With a total of five separate clinics in Bursa, Ankara and Istanbul, offering modern medical solutions,


Cihantimur MD at IFATS Miami

SHARE: Cihantimur MD at IFATS Miami Bülent Cihantimur MD attended the IFATS Annual Meeting at 4-6 November 2011 to SHARE his experience about his work on enriched fat transfer with his colleagues in Miami, USA. IFATS is one of the most scientific federations on research and treatments about fat tissue. The meeting was the 9th


Genital beautification-

Genital beautification: a concept that offers more than reduction of the labia minora.


Look Beautiful With Your Smile!

In its 20th anniversary, Estetik International Health Group adds Cosmetic Dentistry among its expertise.


Estetik International Hulya Avşar Cup Tennis Tournament

The heart of the tennis sport beat at Hülya Avşar Cup for twelve days with the main sponsorship of Estetik International.


Power of Women Behind the Project of Kindness!

Estetik International brought together 17 women well-known in the business and socialite life of Bursa for a social responsibility project named "Kindness hidden in pillow” by drawing attention to the power of the women.


Cihantimur Entrepreneurship Summit

Organized for the second time by Şahinkaya Schools, Aesthetics Plastic Surgeon Op. Bülent Cihantimur, MD gave a speech at the Entrepreneurship Summit that aims to bring together prominent people of their respective fields with the students.


Is Donald Trump is Hair Real or Fake?

"Donald Trump’s hair is not a wig or a toupée. Even if he had a hair transplant, there is a problem with his hair line. The hair line should bedetermined based on his age.


Goes To Bülent Cihantimur



Turkish Aesthetic Surgeon was at The Juror Seat of Miss & Mr Universe Sweden

Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Op. Bülent Cihantimur, MD chose the 2016 Sweden models.


Genital Beautification For Pixee Fox

Getting Spider Web technique done by Cihantimur in the past years, the living Barbie doll Pixee Fox experienced Genital Beautification this time.


Human Ken Doll s Choice Spider Web Technique

The next destination of Rodrigo Alves on his quest to become an actual living fantastic hero was İstanbul and his preference was Spider Web technique.


Spider Web Mask

for Well-Cared Shiny Skins


DRB Body Reshaping

Aesthetic Requires an Artistic Eye


Brazilian breeze at Doctor B Clinic: Bamboo Massage

Gathering at the DoctorB Clinic, bloggers, beauty and fashion editors talked about beauty on the terrace of the clinic.


Renew Your Skin Without Wearing It Out With HydraFacial

Suitable for all skin types, this system is an extremely effective skin treatment program that benefits not only general skin health but also offers healing features.


Non-Surgical Genital Rejuvenation With Laser Treatment

Contrary to the other procedures, this new laser treatment does not require anesthesia and patients can return to their sexual activities after a couple of days.


Genital Beautification Gel

All women from a broad age range can use Doctor B G Gel product in a completely safe manner if they are experiencing the same problems due to different reasons.


Strengthening Arms And Hips Without Any Scars

Spider Web Technique


Breast Aesthetics Revision

Breast aesthetics are some of the most common operations when it comes to surgical procedures.


Getting A Six-Pack

Abdominal Etching is among the pinnacles of aesthetic surgery. Think about it, we give the fat tissue on your abdomen a muscled look and the result is a work of art.


Standard Tummy Tuck Are Over!

Tummy Tuck is a surgical operation for our patients with excess lipoidosis on their abdominal region. What are the specifics?


The Time For Standard Tummy Tuck Are Over!

Tummy Tuck is a surgical operation for our patients with excess lipoidosis on their abdominal region. What are the specifics?



The sexiest region is not the breasts, legs or any other. What would you think if we say the sexiest part of the body is the curvy buttocks?


Remedy&Miraculous Change From Your Own Fat

Regional fat is a miracle because it contains stem cells. If the transfer of the stem cell is done with utmost care, the results are nothing short of miraculous changes.


Aesthetic After Obesity Surgery

We would like to mention an aesthetic surgery procedure that is on the rise recently: Sleeve gastrectomy operations. The sagging following the procedure is where the aesthetic surgery comes into play.


Be the Best of Your Age this year!

The invitation for the "Be the best of your age this year!” turned into a lovely conversation with Op. Bülent Cihantimur, MD as the host and participation of Nebahat Çehre and Ayşe Arman.